Yet another ‘great’ British Food Festival revs up for 2017!

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Still further ‘food for thought’  for 2017 is the  British Food Festival. Their team is  starting to get their ‘beans in a row’ for next Summer’s much vaunted ‘foodie’ bonanza at the Royal Windsor Racecourse.


QuotroFest is right in the picture regarding this always popular ‘do’ which is ‘on stage’ on July 8th and 9th. Certain members of the QuotroFest Comms and Merchandising team – with some hectic feasting in mind – are well to the fore in the ticket queue it seems – so nothing new there then!


The BFF organisers know what they are at – as they say clearly on their web site their aim is –
…..”to create a food festival that is dedicated to promoting British businesses from around the country. We are inviting businesses from every sector including growers, brewers, dairy products, bakers, breeders, suppliers to name just a few.” For sure the BFF team have got their show well and truly ready for the road for 2017.

Check out the details now at


To get in touch with BFF team, based in Stoke Pages, Bucks, call 01753 663055 or email The British Food Festival is, of course all about British food and drink, and there’s another fabulous line-up of produce and products from around the country being lined up for the eye-catching, bumper 2017 event.


You name it – and the BFF say they will be rolling it out at the show – cheeses, wine, fruit and vegetables, ice-creams, craft beers, delicious chocolates, refreshing ciders, freshly baked breads, jams, pickles and biscuits sweets and crisps, speciality gins and vodka…on and on …and on… and on…and on – NICE!!


The busy BFF organisers are promising a stronger than ever exhibitor line-up, which is increasing day on day, even this early stage of planning proceedings. As the big day approaches – promise the organisers – the full exhibitor line-up will emerge so that visitors can plan their ‘tasting tryout tour’ in detail – well, of course!


At the core of the event will be the very excellent BFF Kitchen ‘Theatre’ with some very notable cooking names on show – Adam Simmonds; Andre Garrett; David Wilby and Dominic Chapman. A special kitchen attraction will surely be ‘The Butchers Masterclass.


All ‘foodies’ know, of course, that baking is the ‘in’ gig these days and QuotroFest understands from the BFF team that leading pastry chef and chocolatier, Will Torrent is going to dazzle all the Show visitors with his delicious array of tasty tempting treats.


Noted for his amazing afternoon teas, Will has something to suit everyone’s taste and will also be sharing some clever little tips on how to achieve the very best of great baking. What’s more the cookery and baking schools at the Festival are free!

There lots of other Festival events too…. some great wine tasting …food and cookery books galore with supporting star book signings……


Of course, the main attraction for certain of the QuotroFest team at least will be those aforementioned remarkable afternoon teas, accompanied by the musical strains of a lilting string quartet. Also, not forgetting a sunshine cocktail or two (or probably three…. or four… or even five – knowing our lot at QuotroFest! )



A truly unmissable British Summer occasion is the 2017 up and coming British Food Festival, a fact which for sure serves to lift the spirits right now amid these dank, cold, grey winter days.


Here at QuotroFest we say – roll on the Summer Festival season! We’ll be busy of course – but, it’ll be fab eh?