Words of Wisdom on ‘Event Tech’

Being in the Festival Biz with our – sexy – we think – Comms, Merchandise and our alarmingly interest-attracting ( says Ralph!) VIP and Festival Goodie bags (we are revving up our latest model by the way!!!)

QuotroFest of course has a positive, probing interest on the network of the people making their living in Events and Festivals ….. well, of course we have!

QuotroFest has checked in on some words of wisdom from a Shane Mansfield, on www.festivalinsights.com. He’s a bit of an online ‘whizzo’ and now a leading light on the Marketing front with Ticket Script.



He was offering some ‘hot to trot’ thoughts and ideas guidance on Event technology and the like for Festival organisers to review and ponder


True we at QuotroFest are ‘deliverers ‘of more non tech-type material ‘stuff’ that Festival organisers might need and want ( we hope), but we are modestly up and at it on the Tech front too and good advice is good advice for sure.

This is a hint of Sean – ‘or his starter for 10’  so to speak …

Predicting the future is never easy, but it’s always fun. It allows for daring thought and creativity, and excessive smugness if you’re right. Event technology is a great sector to predict as the pace of change is so fast. One thing to remember is that you must always be sure that the event technology you’re applying is right for your festival. Whether it’s a new tool, marketing product or event partner, make it work for you. With that in mind, how can you use new technologies to get the most out of your event?”

“Before the festival: data, data, data ….You should be gathering customer data and using software that allows you to analyse all this information. When you’re asking for customer information during the ticket purchase process, consider requesting more than an email address so you can start to understand more details about your audience.”

There’s a good few more indicative thoughts from Mr Mansfield …so if you are a Festival Organiser perhaps make a visit to Sean at festivalinsights.com –  you could check us out too perhaps? .. you never know – after all…. we like us!