Where Leeds ‘Angels’ don’t fear to tread

Like ourselves here at QuotroFest all kinds of business operations and organisations support the thriving Festival biz in all kinds of ways …

We all, of course, know the great Leeds Festival – 23rd–28th August – by the way for 2017……. that’s the August Bank Holiday! 


The 2016 Leeds Festival event

The venue is to be Bramham Park  again this year  and as in previous years at Festival will again be one of the more unlikely Festival support businesses in action again! 

on hand

They are The Festival Angels – www.festivalangels.org.uk who are on hand to keep Festival goers safe and offer peace and comfort when needed and ever handle a bumper lost property office too!


The question has been asked a good few times or has it – by anxious parents and certain public authority figures probably too, as to whether Festivals need a kind of welfare support service always on site at key times during the Event .

good time

The thought is though Festivals are people looking for a good time – I mean what can the problems be eh? Sixty thousand folk, all tightly packed together for the music action – well fair enough – but is there a potential hazard situation now and again?


success story

The organisation, called the Festival Angels thought there was a role for them at Leeds obviously. They have set-up at this huge Festival and have grown into something of a success story as a result – doing all sorts – from serving hot drinks (Yorkshire Tea of course!), to comfort and care to both mislaid objects and even people ‘lost’ too!

no mugs eh?

Being to a large extent a Christian organisation, there’s also a Prayer tent for retreat and relaxation for all those that might feel they need it and the whole ‘Angels’ support programme at the Leeds Festival is financed by the sale of £5.00 cute travel mug etc – so now you know!

less than sober

A top performer for sure is the Angels ‘Lost Property’ set-up at Leeds Festival. There they religiously (if you know what we mean!) record all items mislaid on Social Media networks in order to chase-up the – at times – less than sober partygoer-owners, who have lost ‘all kinds of everything’ from wads of cash, passports, expensive tech stuff, jewellery…. and even an onion!

lost person too

The story is that once even a person handed themselves in at the Angels ‘Lost Property’ office – claiming to be lost having parted from a friend she came to the gig with and stuck with a flat mobile phone! A peaceful retreat for her – and many others too no doubt at the Leeds Festival Event!

So well done the Angels – founded by Jean Blakey back in 2005 – There’s Jean in our photo (on festivalsinsight.com) with husband Paul………


All of this Angels business at Leeds got us ‘lost souls’ at QuotroFest thinking – are there other Festivals offering welfare services of sorts then? Presumably so… and if not – it may be something to think about perhaps – no? You can let our Leader Ralph know about welfare support at Festivals if you like ….on ralph@quotrofest.co.uk

Source – festivalinsights.com

Photos news.bfnn.co.uk and leedslist.com.