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Honouring the vision, creativity, expertise and effort that powers the UK's best music festivals

Here’s a date for your diary – its on our office calendar here at QuotroFest let me tell you. Its November 28th and that’s the day of UK Festival Awards 2016 and it’s at the Roundhouse in London!


For those that are not familiar with this ‘ gig’ there’s a kind of Conference – something of a talk-in for those in the Festival ‘biz’ – during the day prior to the actual awards handout.

looking ahead too

Its a get-together and mull over of key issues of the recent season, of course and there’s a good deal of looking forwards too, in terms of all that’s emerging for what looks like a ‘hot, hit and busy’ 2017 Festival season ahead – and a successful one for our bank balance too we’re hoping!

leading lights

This event has been on the Festival scene for some 13 years now and always attracts a 1,000 or more of the leading lights of the biz in celebration mood. The awards gala ‘do’ is in the evening .

awards galore

Plenty of awards to give out too – Best Major, Medium-Sized and Small Festival, Best Family Festival, Best Overseas Festival, Best Use of New Technology, and yes, there is really is – an award too for the Best Loos – and I am not taking the p*ss either!

vote now!

We’ve been debating in the office who the award winners might be – you, like us, can get your vote in at

festival awards ltd

This Awards ‘do’ like its sister events, the UK Festival Conference and the European Festival Awards, is owned and produced by Festival Awards Ltd, an independent company founded in the UK.

festival report

Something related to the awards that caught our eye too – what with the imminent rev up to the 2017 season getting away – was the just released UK Festival Report for 2015/2016. 


all kinds of good info stuff

Handy stuff inside the report it seems – loads of pertinent information like – attitudes to ticket prices, the eating and travelling habits of festival goers, where they sleep, what promotion and advertising works on them – we at QuotroFest with our busy Comms and Merchandise delivery services are always on the hunt for this kind of info – nice!

good one

festival-awards-ukfa_newlogo2016festival-awards-ukfa_newlogo2016And, we liked the inclusion of the always intriguing and very worthwhile question – – why DO people go to Festivals in the first place? Always a good one that!

So, if you’re in the Festival biz- I bet you’ll find a few fascinating facts in this report that will appeal to you – worth a look then and you can find out about the Report here….