This whole ‘on or off’ dates business for Glastonbury

Following the last post all about us coping or not with the Glastonbury ticket registration ‘challenge’ in the QuotroFest office, there’s been an increasing build-up of ‘rumours’ and chat around about there being NO Glastonbury for the year after next  – that is 2018! 


(The Pyramid Stage this year (credit Samir Hussein, Redferns) 

One of the Quotrofest team was under the illusion mistakenly that there was no Glastonbury next year!!! – as he touted out a few ‘calls’ on some kind of Comms work action opportunity!

real situation

We thought – the rest of us –  ‘Just as well – missing ticket registration as we did’ – but.. no.. no.. its ‘on’ next year and ‘no go’ in 2018 it seems – that’s ‘looking like’ the real situation – so all clear there


These on/off rumours emerged initially apparently after the aforementioned ticket rush registration matter. There was chatter and ‘goss’  about a ‘no go’ for 2018 then I think ….and some pondered on whether 2017 might falter


A secondary rumour around at one stage had the Festival leaving the ‘famous’ Farm that is of course its home and trolling off to Longleat!   Was that 2017 or 2018? I admit I was confused on that one momentarily!

Well – the news we eventually ‘fell over’ was a statement posted by the Boss Organiser, Michael Eavis – source The Guardian by the way – saying…..

We can also confirm that we will be taking our next fallow year in 2018, in order to give the farm, the village and the festival team the traditional year off. There are no plans to hold an event at another location in 2018″ 

So that does seem to be that and surely nothing to do with the worst rain and mud this past year since the Festival began some 46 years ago…. or is it?….


Yes, it is to be 21-25 June next year – 2017 and nothing …. zilch….nader… Glastonbury-wise for the year after that ( or that seems to be it).

new start

But we’re now pondering about the year after the supposed 2018 rest year – is it possible there may be a ‘new start’ and a new venue for the Grand Ol Lady of Festivals then – and the year off is needed to sort arrangements no?

 What do you think? – anyone got any more rumours on anything?  …..or any tickets for next year at the usual Farm location for that matter! No?