With the Quotrofest consultancy, unique innovation comes as standard, and we know the kind of good ideas and originality of concept and design that you need for your projects to succeed!

We are happy to augment your business as needed. We take on the ‘legwork’ and through our research and knowledge, we can handle your divers product needs. We help give your key personnel more vital creative planning time to fully focus on the practical, client-contact aspects of the management and operation of your Projects

We don’t require tight control or close instruction. Our network, experience and contacts means we can back your business in all you need to do. More and more Event Organisers and Project Teams, are certainly appreciating our co-ordinated ‘one stop’ offering – and we think you will appreciate it too!

In addition, we at Quotrofest offer a selection of uniquely connected promotional products which certainly add a much appreciated valuable dimension to Events, Conferences, Exhibitions and Festivals for Sponsors and visitor attendees. 

Our much praised innovative Qu-Bags. 

We’ll neatly and creatively ‘bag’ a chosen selection of ‘on topic’ promotional ‘goodies’ in order that they can perform any targeted communications ‘role’ for your Event or Festival. Whether VIP or the more practical and everyday – we’ll get your promotions ‘In the Bag’ – no problem.

Our well-styled expertly designed and presented tabloid news-sheets

We can present an Event or Festival to its visitors in a hugely digestible novel way – even actually while it is proceeding day by day! we can distribute our up to the minute tabloid newsheets and mini-newsletters. These also offer effective publicity and promotional potential to target-alert sponsors.

Flash USBs are a current leading promotional flag-waver.

We know how to make these neatly devised promotional ‘techy’ items work to the very best effect for your Event or Festival .

A cute and useful USB wristband for carrying key data, a corporate presentation ‘give-away ‘or an original USB promotional gifting item – these USB products combine stylish and fun design with key data presentation for highly impactful promotional audience interaction. Whatever you need – we’ll sort it USB-wise ‘in a flash’

Our quality value varied creative ‘Wearables’
From t-shirts,lanyards and wrist bands to rain ponchos, we put your brand at the forefront of your event. Whatever you need and whatever level your budget – we’ll get it sorted.

Our Printed Promotion materials
We know all about print and can confidently and effectively provide all news and event information you need – programmes, magazines, flyers… and more – all in practical and engaging formats with creativity, quality and cost effectiveness built in!

Our ‘messaging’ Signage
Via signs, posters, flags and banners, we’ll project all your essential messaging information throughout your event, whilst also creating all those important advertising and promotional opportunities you also need.

Our Merchandising
There’s every chance with us to maximise your event revenue through our varied offering of high quality, innovative merchandise – and, if it must be something different, original and out of the ordinary that’s needed – that’s no problem!