Creativity and music ….somewhere over ‘The Rainbow’…..

Drawn to our attention here at Quotrofest this week, were the Rainbow Venues, apparently one of the UK’s most unique spaces, and a prominent part of Birmingham’s Club scene.


The Rainbow venues regularly host a range of internationally recognised  Events and ‘happenings’ at their numerous types and styles of impressively eclectic locations across the creative Digbeth community of the UK’s second city.


This impressive creative operation are organising and staging a duo of Festivals this Spring and Summer,  which would seem certain to be  a series of ‘special’ experiences if the reviews usually linked to the Rainbow Venues’ offerings are anything to go by ..


The Rainbow Venues is a series of 11 diverse, industrial spaces located in Birmingham’s flourishing creative district. All involved in ‘Rainbow’ – so it goes.. “have a pride in the versatility of presentation and atmospheric experience, across these Digbeth area Venues”. May 2013
Rainbow Cellar Door Rainbow Venues, Digbeth,Birmingham, UK © Tom Horton


Rainbow hosts regular club nights,festivals,street food events,art exhibitions, product launches and guest lectures. A thriving operation in a dedicated, wide ranging cultural-minded community.

a musical ‘Chapter’ 

Their lead Festivals are the Rainbow’ Venues Annual birthday celebration – The Chapter Festival. This brings together some of the most recognised names in House and Techno music. The Chapter Festival  takes place on the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend.

MADE miscellany

Then at the end of July comes an impressively, varied, well-regarded Festival ‘miscellany’ called MADE. It is billed as a celebration of dance,music, arts and culture, taking place across Digbeth’s whole entertainment district. This was shortlisted for Best Metropolitan  Festival not so long ago.

For tickets and more..enjoy The Rainbow Venues…..