‘One stop’ …and job done with Quotrofest!

More and more Event and Festival Organisers and Project and Business marketing teams, are certainly appreciating the co-ordinated ‘one stop’ service offering of the Quotrofest team – and we think you will appreciate it too!


Quotrofest offers a full promotional products supply, print and merchandising support service. We take on the ‘legwork’ and through our research, contacts and knowledge, we can produce for you numerous, cost-aware, promotional concepts, innovative ideas and product delivery solutions that will ensure you meet the most challenging definitive needs of your Clients.


We don’t require precise guidance or close instruction. Our network, experience and contacts means we can support Event and Festival businesses in all way  and at anytime …… when it needs to be done!

we can help

We offer also a wide-ranging online support service including social media and email marketing messaging to visitor and customer target data bases. We aid web traffic build with the likes of targeted blogs and other online presentations, We hope we can help. We think we can!

the Qu-Bag

We have also developed a range of innovative promotional special concepted Qu-‘goody bags’ These are developing into an exciting, highly successful ‘lead’ product of ours.

promotional originality

The stylish varying type and design Qu-Bag holds a collection of carefully researched items, which we source for their promotional originality and relevance to your particular Event, Festival, Exhibition, Conference or Business…. before, during and/or afterwards.


We’ll bag the appropriate carefully researched and chosen promotional ‘goodies’ so they can play a specific valuable planned targeted communications ‘role’   most effectively whatever the circumstances.


Imaginative ‘now’ flash USB promotional products are another ‘string to our bow’. These do for sure add just that extra little bit of innovation and presentational difference to your Festival and Event communications activity portfolio and their usages are numerous – lets talk about it!


We know what to get and how to make it work for you to best effect. You challenge us as to your requirement and we will sort it as stylishly and ‘best tech’ as we can.


We are confident we can always produce a unique ‘something special’ in this desirable ‘techy’ packaging, which will for sure add original impact and effect to your Event or Festival promotional and operational potential.

print stuff

We are big in print stuff as well as online and tech! A well-styled tabloid newspaper has – surprisingly some might say in these high tech days -remained a bit of a favourite.


This particular ‘tool’ does for sure ‘doubles up’ as a strong delivery message ‘carrier’ to any Event or Festival audience and, of course, also offers further publicity potential to target-alert sponsors.

We hope you’ll give us a chance to work with you soon. For more and any required quotation contact Director Ralph Skinner at ralph@quotro.co.uk