Nostalgic ‘Rhythm Riot’ hits Sussex this week!

Rockin the Joint  with Robin and Colette!



Its the 20th anniversary of the nostalgic and much-admired ‘Rhythm Riot’ this up and coming weekend down at the Pontins Holiday Centre in Camber near Rye in Sussex.


Behind this Special Birthday Extravaganza, which caught the eye of the more nostalgic among us in the QuotroFest office, are the always busy ‘Rock The Joint’ team, Colette and Robin, renowned, of course, for Vintage 50’s and Rock ‘n Roll events up and down the UK year after year.

non stop 

This anniversary Even is a four night, non stop occasion, described by those that ‘know’ as The Biggest ‘Rhythm Riot’ Event Ever- and who are we to argue?


Bands from 20 Countries will be on view throughout a hectic – but sure to be enjoyable timetable of goings on –  the likes of Lazy Lunchtimes; A Friday Nite Frenzy and  even a ‘Swing on Sunday’ too.


There’s bumper prizes to be won for all those ‘Rhythm-ing and Rioting’ – including an Electric bike – not many of those around in the Rock ‘n Roll era eh?


There’s  twenty or more  top DJs doing their stuff too and a wealth of other activities including limousine shopping and a cruise – surely not a trip out to the see Rock’ n Roll Pirate ships of day gone by!


There’s a Flea market or two for those never  to be forgotten nostalgia purchases you just might need and loads of other special features during the four day ‘weekend’ as well. There’s be memory CD available highlighting all the music at this 20th Anniversary Bumper Event.  Not a vinyl then? 



For those that can’t and those they would like to do it better than they do, you can even learn to jive the way they all did back then at The Maddy Jive School  which will be on site at ‘Rhythm Riot’.


As well as staging  the long running legendary ‘Rhythm Riot’, The ‘Rock the Joint’ team also stage Atomic – the new-look mid-Century Vintage Festival, as they call it … covering the years 1946-1962  – twanging (or is it twinge-ing) those memory ‘strings’ for sure eh? 


If all the above is for you, check out