On our marks… to support the Festival and Events ‘biz’ for 2017

Hope it’s been an enjoyable, relaxing Christmas and New Year for All!

We here at QuotroFest are now getting on our mark and set to go with our Promotions, Merchandise and Comms support for what looks like being a busy 2017 out there in the Festival, Exhibition, Conference and Events ‘biz’. We’re pleased at that –  but, so is our Bank Manager, we understand!

help and support

Thanks to all those who have already been in touch regarding a little Comms, Merchandise and Promotions help and support for the year ahead.  Mark, Ralph and the team are already in planning ‘mode’ and have been plotting a good few more new ideas to help out all you Festival Organisers and Event Project teams soon getting down to some serious decision making and planning.


It seems the QuotroFest ‘One Stop Shop ’ service is going down well. We offer a full research, ‘find and support’ service in Merchandise and all Comms to busy Project Managers and their teams. All you have to do is ask! 

innovative ideas

Says our very positive Ralph Stringer, “We take on the ‘legwork’ and, through our research, contacts and knowledge, we can produce for your Event, Festival, Exhibition or Conference, numerous cost-aware, promotional concepts, innovative ideas and product delivery solutions to ensure you and your Project teams do indeed meet the most challenging definitive needs of everyone – visitors, attendees, clients and sponsors.

under pressure

We at QuotroFest like to think we are ‘self starters’ and that we’re always up for a challenge . We would say to Festival Organisers and Project Managers right now that we have plenty of original ideas and a great network to help you deliver the promotions, Comms and Merchandise that you need for your 2017 activity plans

online stuff

As you’d expect, QuotroFest has also been working hard reviewing and revving up our online promotions service for the year ahead.  We’ve sorted a neat, well-designed email marketing messaging service and can offer some modest social media activity too.

Any help you need – let us know

Summer planning

Also, we notice there’s a bit of a call of late for blogging activity and other online presentation communication. It all about help revving-up visitor traffic to those Festival  web sites soon to re-launch in earnest for 2017.

ticket momentum

This activity, linked specifically to Festival and Event preview time-lines, can, we believe, help seal ticket sale momentum, as well as pick up early year ‘search’ from all those checking to finalise their 2017 Summer Festival attendance plans.


QuotroFest has also developed  three new-style promotional product concepts which- fingers crossed – will, we feel, be in demand for 2017.  We’ll blog a few details here ASAP – as soon as the team gets back from their New Year celebration ‘gigs’ To find out more, click the Services button on our web site – or ring me. I’ll talk to anyone – Trevor 07860 55031