Exciting Event Apps partnership for Peatix and EventHub

Exciting App partnership tie-up set to lead the way!


We at QuotroFest, who, of course, work with Event companies as well as on the Festival scene. We picked up news  EventIndustryNews.com of an exciting ‘coming together’ of a new global  apps Events ‘biz’ partnership.


The two key players were Peatix – the Event Management and ticketing operation and EventHub.  These are names you may know in the mobile app ‘biz’. Together they have now formed an exciting partnership.


The plan is that the new ‘get together’ will offer tailor-made ‘whizzy’ mobile apps for large scale events – sounds like a good one to us here at QuotroFest! 

in step

The idea is that Event organisers can produce special branded apps, which will include certain key features, in step with whatever the type and style event they are handling.


But, alongside these individualised features,  Peatix will then include their range of expert functionalities for which the company is well-known and established. These include such as making payments, general customer support and event day check-ins.


Peatix is, of course, a huge player in the Event Biz. Since its start-up in 2011 it has provided event management and ticketing to a mammoth 120,000 events around the globe. This is quite a claim to fame – for sure!


A key ‘stat’ that may amaze  – it did us –  is that over 80% of ticket buyers on Peatix all download the ticket embedded Peatix mobile app on iPhone and Android.


The thing about the app is that it is simple to use and stays just that way, however complex other functionalities may be which are needed for any given Event and thus operate alongside it.


EventHub, which was founded this very year,  has already developed mobile apps on some eye-catching events such as Slush Asia, Code Blue and Corona Sunsets Festival – excellent!

Said Peatix CEO Taku Harada:-

We are very proud of the 80% adaptation rate of our app in our attendee base, and there’s a wide range of functionality.  


In our app beyond just finding your ticket, but we also know that the app needs of a startup networking event. They are quite different from those of a large-scale rock concert.


We also want to cater to all those needs, and this partnership with EventHub is the perfect way to accomplish this.”

Adds EventHub CEO Rie Yamamoto:-

We started offering our product with the belief that we need to shift away from paper- driven state that the industry is in today to a more environmentally conscious, digital approach.


We have prepared a suite of functionalities to increase engagement and activity at events. But we were missing one large piece in our offerings – ticketing and registration.


We’re excited to work with Peatix and believe that this collaboration will provide a truly all-in-one solution for event organizers.”