Glastonbury ticket ‘chase’ – WE missed it – did you !


Foals at the Festival ‘Mecca’ … of course!  

You’ve either got it or your haven’t -and as if we didn’t know, Glastonbury of course has what all Festivals seek – always a guaranteed ‘sell-out’ and going going ..gone… in the blink of an eye already for 2017 of course – and yes ..we missed it !!

missed out

Here at Quotrofest – one of our team was a matter or hours behind with his registration attempt for Glastonbury 2017 the other weekend and thus he missed out anyway on a ticket. Having missed out, he couldn’t even join in on the Sunday ticket sale anyway – its a tough business getting into a morass of mud eh? – always ‘on the case’ with the whole ticket-chasing for Glastonbury and all the hottest, in demand ‘gigs’ – explains “To prevent touting Festival goers must register in advance for tickets which are non-transferable. Each ticket features the photograph of the registered ticket holder with security checks carried out to ensure that only the person in the photograph is admitted to the Festival.”

You see – its the registration that is essential – as we told our mate – but it does not mean you have bought a ticket if you register, but you can’t buy a ticket without a registration number! ALL Festival goers over the age of 12 must be registered – no really!

Did you know that Tickets for this past year’s event 2016 sold out in in just under 33 minutes – anyone know the speed of sell for 2017? …. don’t ask us at QuotroFest – it all went past us …. it on the tele isn’t it… or perhaps our leader Ralphy knows someone…hmm!

Glastonbury at Pilton, Somerset of course – and it will run for 2017 from Wednesday 21st to Sunday 25th June. Good luck with your Ticket ‘chase’ next year though ….

Note….. We at QuotroFest are in strict training to get our speed of computer use up and working on getting our staying awake reflexes online up to scratch