Driving Car Dealership Promotions for 2017

The total number of cars registered so far this year has now reached 2.15 million, according to the SMMT.



Fleet sales continued to drive growth, climbing 7.3% year on year in September according to some BBC stats, which dropped on our desks at QuotroFest this week. 

new plate

Also we noted – compliments of the BBC  – that UK new car sales rose in September, helped by strong purchases from fleet buyers and the new ’66’ number plate.

rising percentage

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said 469,696 new cars were registered in the month, a rise of 1.6% from 462,517 last year.


It is the highest sales total for September on record, but the figures also showed sales to private motorists fell for the sixth month in a row. The best-selling new car in September was the Ford Fiesta – don’t you know – and ‘no’ we haven’t got one at QuotroFest! 


We are revving up to make an impact in the bustling car dealership promotional marketplace for 2017 with our unique original promotional Events and Products marketing service and product support.

busy 2017

We’ve succeeded getting into gear and helping a number of leading dealerships with some original promotional biz off the back of sales activity earlier in the year….. ……and we have an eye on a busy 2017. 


Our leader Ralph is clear that we are geared up and ready  to help all dealerships large and small – posh motors and the everyday with a range promotional support and expertise.


For QuotroFest, the challenge is to work with dealership marketing teams to develop and devise original and innovative ideas and products that not only add momentum to dealerships’ ongoing everyday general promotion to key clients but also aid Events, Calendar-based Promotions Vehicle Launches and so on.” 

Our portfolio of products and services for our car dealership clients keeps Ralph and the team busy.  These are our products and services :- 

Special Event Promotional Material

Direct Mailers ; Branded Client Service Wallets; Loyalty card schemes linked to servicing, launches, used vehicles and other Dealership target trading areas. 

Dealership ‘Special Event’ Promotional Materials

Event Programmes and Invitations (we look to concept original approaches to these to help engender best response); A quarterly dealership ‘client’ newspaper for seasonally focused activity and promotion messaging.

Dealership Messaging

Message and promotional wall-boards and prints to create a good clear Client messaging experience in all areas of a Dealership. We also concept and launch loyalty card schemes linked to servicing and other Dealership target trading areas.

Dealership Promotional Merchandise

Our busy, well-equipped contact network means we know all about the best quality most cost effective Merchandise products of all types that can help and impress our clients, such as pens, clothing etc etc. In addition we offer original creative products 

Branded original dealership promotional ‘Qu-bags’

In addition we offer original creative products like our client ‘thank you’ dealership logo branded Qu-goodie bag- this has original exciting products inside . These can also be linked to Events such as Test Drives, Used Car weekends and new Product Launches – plenty of action we hope for our Qu-Bags for the year ahead! 

ever popular

Other Qu-Bags, which have met approval of late, are the ever popular Winter Car Driver; The ‘glove box’ Qu-bag and also our highly original VIP ‘goodie’ bag which offers additional ‘upsell’ and ‘sponsorship’ opportunities at Events and at key times of the dealership trading year.

QuotroFest online

A whole social media and email marketing messaging service to Data base targets is also in demand QuotroFest product. This a further promotional communications service and aims to aid hard pressed dealership marketing teams. We have the all round communication skills to support and take the strain for your dealership whatever you need

We at QuotroFest have the all round communication skills to support and take the strain for your dealerships and we hope we’ll be able to play a part in what looks like a buoyant trading year for 2017 

chat then? 
Says Ralph, ” We’re here to help – we always like to chat. Please get in touch if you feel any of the products and services here would be useful for your promotions and Event for 2017. I look forward to hearing from you.”  ralph@quotro.co.uk 
Photo credit the Telegraph online