‘Cleaning up’ at Excel this March

Who doesn’t like to see a bit of fun or novelty at a serious business show or exhibition – and the Cleaning Show at ExCEL London on the 14-16 March 2017 has come up with just that!..

major event

The show is the UK’s major event designed specifically for the Cleaning and Support Services sector and this year’s event follows on from the 2015 success.


The Cleaning Show is billed online at the show web site as ‘an essential event for anyone responsible for cleaning, maintenance and hygiene from healthcare to hotel kitchens’


Fun ‘event’ amidst all the intense seminars and alongside all the serious minded top name Cleaning ‘biz’ exhibitors is  The Window Cleaning Challenge – no really!

The existing world record holder for window cleaning, Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows, will be on hand at the show to take on all-comers who will be trying to break his long-standing world record for cleaning three regulation-size windows.


Terry Burrows cleaned three standard 114.3 x 114.3 cm (45 x 45 in) office windows with a 300 mm long squeegee and 9 litres of water in 9.14 sec at the National Window Cleaning Competition in Blackpool, UK, on 9 October 2009 – …….good to know!


Terry will advise and guide the window cleaning pro’s and  the novices too in their bid to collect a £250 cash prize awarded each day to the fastest window cleaner!

top names

Aside from all that …the show  has an impressive top name exhibitor listing in place, which surely indicates that the Cleaning business is a serious business, competitive, demanding and always innovative too it seems.

On the subject of ‘innovative’…. there’s a series of special Innovation Awards at the show. A series of prizes will be given for the best products and services in defined categories. These are judged and announced by a panel of experts and aim to offer an opportunity for companies in the Cleaning ‘biz’ to show off their latest products and ideas.


Once again a very comprehensive Cleaning Show Seminar Programme is scheduled. Every kind of essential aspect of the business, both now and in terms of what could emerge in the future, will be highlighted and discussed – Robotics, Online marketing, Enviro crime, apprenticeships, life 5 years etc etc etc ….for sure all cleaning life is here!


Neil Nixon, Conference Director, said online at the Cleaning Show web site : “The UK cleaning sector continues to face significant challenges and opportunities across a diverse range of issues. This year’s conference programme will reflect this, and will offer visitors an opportunity to hear current thinking from industry experts.

dig deeper

With our new Speakers Lounge, visitors to the Cleaning Show 2017 will also have the opportunity to follow up with any of the speakers, in private, to dig deeper into discussion topics.


I am confident that this will be the best Cleaning Show Seminar Programme to date, and I look forward to welcoming visitors, free of charge, to the event.”

So, there we are – if cleaning is your ‘biz’ – come clean… and clean up at Excel this March!  For more visit www.cleaningshow.co.uk