After Dark – the right promotion and the right priced ticket

We at QuotroFest do our Festival and Event Comms and Special Promotions Services ‘biz’ across London and the West, including Bristol, Bath and Cheltenham – and the excellent, stylish ‘After Dark’ Promotional web site business we’ve been in touch with are – wouldn’t you know – likewise located.

all in one

The After Dark service is the ultimate nightlife guide and event calendar for events across the UK.  With them tickets can be bought and sold for the latest events, shows, club nights and live music. The After Dark offer is an ‘all-in-one’, simple to use neat online platform, covering nightlife and entertainment, both in London and  numerous leading West locations!


A boon to Event organisers and gig and Stagers and Clubs, After Dark is a expert resource for anything Event orientated – club nights to cabarets…. comedy shows to theatre outings…..and more…


Very much in the vanguard of wide-ranging Event promotion, After Dark are for sure good news for all those who organise stage and manage Events and Entertainment. Their targeted needs to effectively promote their projects are expertly met and provided for by the attentive After Dark service.


As a matter of course, After Dark deliberately do not aim their much-visited online proposition at any particular age range or type of online entertainment searcher and night-out ticket seeker. But instead, all After Dark website visitors are individually encouraged to define their entertainment preferences and requirements within their individual profiling.


This approach and targeting then enables After Dark to consistently direct each visitor concisely towards the particular events they would definitely have an interest in and would enjoy. Say a confident After Dark  ‘all can be sure the right ‘After Dark’ visitors will get your message with us …’


After Dark also works extensively at the ticketing ‘sharp end’. It has a reputation as a fast seller and re-seller of all kinds of online tickets, reaching an impressively varied and extensive online audience.


The business has developed a platform which readily enables promoters and event organisers to list their tickets  at a fair commission and also offers an excellent ticket ‘Rep’ sales support service ,working at valuable rates of return.


Say After Dark – ‘The higher the commission –the more attractive it will be to our ‘Reps’. You the Event organiser or club can choose who sells tickets on your behalf and you can also select the amount they sell. The ticket ‘Rep’ will direct sales through their own ticketing ‘shop’ on AfterDark and their commissions will be taken from the money your Event generates from ticket sales’.

right pricing

AfterDark adds, “We are here for all the Event organisers and operators in London and the West to help them achieve the right ticket pricing and commission structure. Event organisers can locally check with AfterDark for the more in-depth breakdown on all ticket commissions as available day on day!” So now you know eh?

All you Event organisers can check the After Dark ticketing service details here –