Three ‘fab’ new products from QuotroFest for the Festival year ahead

Ready… Steady… Go! Here comes the new Festival & Event year for 2017!

Anticipation grows as the slow drift back to work rolls on both through this current week  we here at QuotroFest are excited and delighted at our three great new products for the up and coming 2017 Festivals and Events year ahead.

special products

As highlighted on our previous blog here, Ralph, Mark, and the team have been busy formulating our three new ‘special’ products, which we hope will find favour with Festival Organisers and all Event Marketeers, Promoters and Project Company teams during 2017.

hot ‘biz’

We are if we are honest more than a little excited with our trio of newly concepted promotional product ideas and we hope for some hot ‘biz’ from at least some you Festival Organisers and Event Project Managers as the year ticks on. Fingers-crossed!


Review below – and let us know what you think – if you like what you see click the link and we’ll be right back to you…. soonest!

our ‘Qu-bag’

First then – and definitely no1 for us – is the much-praised, innovative (we like to think!) – Qu-Bag. It’s a neat idea and the team has come up with some clever- dick promotional ideas, which we like to think will make the kind of special promotional client and visitor impact you will definitely need for the competitive biz year ahead.


We’ll neatly and creatively ‘bag’ a chosen selection of ‘on topic’ promotional ‘goodies’ just for you in order that they can perform any targeted communications ‘role’ you need for your Event or Festival.

in the bag!

Whether VIP or the more practical and ‘everyday’ – we’ll get your promotions ‘in the bag’ – no problem! There don’t you just love that idea!


Second on the QuotroFest product ‘Agenda’ to tempt and interest you all is our well-styled, expertly-designed and attractively presented tabloid news-sheets.

at your venue

We can produce and deliver these to any Event or Festival actually while the action is going on day by day! We can distribute our attractive tabloid ‘newspapers’ or mini-newsletters for you actually on the spot at the venue.

all areas

These can report on the action so far and put over all the key information ‘all areas’ at every stage of the Festival or Event. These ‘newspapers’ also offer effective publicity and promotional potential to target-alert sponsors.

number 3

Flash USBs are a current leading promotional ‘flag-waver’ and they are the QuotroFest number three! Ralph and the team love these and know just how to make these neatly-devised, promotional ‘techy’ sticks work to the very best effect for all Events,Conferences,Exhibitions or Festivals.

in a flash

A cute and useful USB wristband for carrying key data, a corporate presentation ‘give-away ‘ or an original USB promotional gifting item – these USB products combine stylish and fun design with key data presentation for highly impactful promotional audience interaction. Whatever you need – QuotroFest will sort it USB-wise….. ‘in a flash’!

no problem

There – trust you like the sound of all that – and, of course, if there are other things you think you might need too – no problem – we handle all that too!

every type….

There’s our quality value varied creative ‘Wearables’ – T-shirts,lanyards,wrist bands, rain ponchos ….and more. We handle every type ( pardon the pun!) of printed promotional stuff – programmes, magazines, flyers…. and so on. All in practical and engaging formats with creativity, quality and cost effectiveness built in!


We do attractive messaging Signage also and posters, flags and banners and some great corporate gifting and all merchandising, including ‘whizz’ clothing.

click for help

There – now you know. Thanks for checking us out! We hope we can help. Click this link and chat to our Mark – He’ll help you all he can for sure – and again… all the best for 2017!

Thanks for our great Feature Festival 2017 image to those ace people at The Festival Calendar – good luck for your year guys!